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Experienced Turf Specialists

At Turfx, we are dedicated to creating innovative synthetic turf solutions for versatile outdoor spaces. Our expertise spans across designing and installing artificial grass for playgrounds, golf putting greens, dog parks, and residential lawns, ensuring durability and visual appeal.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, our team works relentlessly to transform your vision into a sustainable and beautiful reality.

Professional turf layout, trimming, and upkeep

Specialized in crafting artificial landscapes, our team excels in the precise arrangement, cutting, and care of synthetic turf. Enthusiastic about enhancing the aesthetic and functional qualities of each project, we collaborate closely with clients to ensure their needs are met with exceptional service and attention to detail, resulting in spaces that are both stunning and resilient.

Our Values

At Turfx, we uphold the values of innovation, quality, and sustainability in every square inch of turf we install. Our commitment to these principles guides our approach to providing superior artificial turf solutions that harmonize with the environment, offer long-lasting performance, and cater to the unique desires of our clientele, delivering an outdoor experience that is second to none.

Experienced team

Decades of combined expertise delivering exceptional turf solutions.

Trusted company

Consistently reliable, earning the confidence of our clients.


Driven by a genuine love for transforming outdoor spaces.

Quarantee of quality work

Our promise of excellence with every project completion.

In-house team

A dedicated team managing all aspects of your project.

Certified employees

Highly trained staff upholding industry standards.


What they say about us

Would highly recommend TurfX, Matt has been great answering questions about our grass, came out a couple of times after the install and pointed out some things we were doing wrong , a year later if we have any questions he’s always very quick to respond to our text messages ! Very very knowledgeable about lawn care!  Our grass is very green and we love it !
If you're considering a new lawn in Central Florida, look no further than TurfX. My new Scotts ProVista lawn is formulated for this area in particular. It's drought resistant, slow growing during the dry season, shade/full sun friendly, resistant to certain forms of weed control, and priced competitively...especially for the beauty and peace of mind it offers. It simply ticks all the boxes. The installation process was VERY thorough and the crews who performed the various stages of the job were a pleasure to have on the property. Am I happy? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Thanks TurfX.
Highly recommended the TurfX crew, for a great Job on our family's yard! From start to finish this company did everything we asked it's kinda rare now days to find a company that does everything they say!

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High quality equipment
Using ecologic products
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